Innovative Web Marketing

Since an Internet presence has long ceased to be merely the "figurehead" of a company, corporate websites are nowadays the linchpin for a wide variety of business processes. The analysis of website usage thus has a similarly high value as the evaluation of company key figures. A fter all, today's website visitor can be tomorrow's customer!

webalytics is by far the leading first Google competence partner in the German speaking area and thus the preferred agency for all products of the manufacturers Google, Medallia, etracker and Usercentrics.

Web Analysis 

As one of only a few exclusive Google Analytics Certified Partners, Google Urchin Certified Partners and Medallia Partners, webalytics is a proven expert in website analysis and optimisation.


Online Marketing

As a Google partner, webalytics has been successfully carrying out advertising measures for many years and is a highly competent service provider for all facets of successful online marketing.


Your Advantages 


Contact us with all your questions about web analytics, landing page optimisation (LPO), conversion rate optimisation, etc. and receive competent support.


The products of the various providers such as Google, Medallia, etracker, ClickTale, Lucky Orange, as well as many others are part of our standard toolset.


All webalytics employees have been certified several times for the products of the manufacturers, so that tasks, support requests and projects can be completed effectively and efficiently.

Web Analysis 

In the advancing era of the digital economy, web analytics is THE topic of the present and future. It helps you to analyse and interpret the countless digital data and to derive suitable measures from them. This supports your company in the transformation of your business model into the digital business and in the development, evaluation and implementation of its digital value chain.

Stop Flying Blind!

By using web analytics, you get answers to many important questions and thus gain important insights into the effect of your internet presence on the visitor:

  • What does the user of your website click on?
  • Which paths does he follow to reach a set goal?
  • At what point does he break off?

An internet presence without web analytics is like a fully occupied passenger plane without a pilot - it can work well, but it doesn't have to. Our experts are happy to help you with the implementation, execution and control of web analytics. We also offer suitable training.

A completely outsourced service for web analytics - a highly professional service with no IT overhead and no costs - that's Google Analytics! Sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Hardware, bandwidth, maintenance, data backup, fail-safe and update service - all this is taken care of by the experts of one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the internet business: Google.

Why is my conversion rate so low? Up to 99% of your visitors never become customers, and Lucky Orange knows why. What's more, Lucky Orange is easy to use and ready to go. All plans include full access to all features, including dynamic heatmaps, user capture, live chats and surveys, conversion funnels, real-time dashboards and daily email reports.

etracker analyses visitor behaviour on your website in real time. By testing various campaigns, you can use the data obtained to optimise your internet presence to meet customer needs. Unlike most free analysis tools, etracker does not use your data for its own purposes or pass it on to third parties. The collected data remains usable for you alone.

Online Marketing – New Customer Acquisition and Branding

The Internet is a huge virtual marketplace through which you can draw the attention of interested parties and potential customers to your products or services. However, the mere existence of an Internet presence is not enough to draw the attention of interested parties and thus potential new customers to your company.

Let Them Find You!

With advertising on search engines, you can reach potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for your products or services. With advertising campaigns on social media, you reach the target groups whose interests coincide with the products or services you offer.

Advertising with Google Ads offers great potential for attracting new customers or prospects.

However, advertising with Google Ads is a very complex field and a lack of know-how usually leads to the result that advertising becomes too expensive or fails to achieve the desired success.

We are your ads agency when...

…You look after your Ads account yourself and are stressed because

  • too much time has to be spent on it
  • you don't know where to start
  • your advertising expenditure is not paying off

…You are looking for another ads agency because

  • you do not feel well looked after
    the price/performance ratio is not right
    you expected more success with Google Ads

You are looking for alternative advertising opportunities to 

  • attract more qualified visitors to your website
  • generate more new customers and thus more sales
  • be able to plan your advertising costs precisely

Facebook, currently the largest social media platform, offers a multitude of possibilities to address interest groups in a targeted and successful manner.

Since Facebook users provide a lot of information such as gender, age, place of residence, interests, etc., the ad for the product or service can be placed precisely with the people who are really interested in it.

You can't advertise in a more targeted way!

To ensure that your Facebook advertising is a complete success and does not just cost money, you should make use of our know-how.

We take over the

  • Precise definition of your target groups
  • Creation of emotionalising advertisements
  • Monitoring and optimisation of advertising campaigns

We reach for you

  • high reach
  • high click-through rates
  • high ROAS (Return on Ad Spending)

Make the most of the reach of your search engine campaigns with Microsoft Advertising - and at extremely favourable conditions!

Currently, the share of Bing users is far behind that of Google users. However, this should not be a reason to ignore this advertising tool. Quite the contrary.

Address users on Yahoo! and B ing

As Yahoo! and B ing have merged to form the "Yahoo! bing Network", the market share of the so-called "small" search engines is steadily increasing and should thus be another piece in the puzzle of successful online marketing. The advertisements are shown to potential customers on Bing, Yahoo! as well as sites and networks of consortium partners.

In addition, with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple switched the search engine for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from Google to Bing from autumn 2013, which increased the market share again.

You should not miss out on these user groups and plan a small part of your advertising budget for advertising campaigns in the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Therefore: Don't give away money and don't advertise the previous success!