Modern Full IT Service Provider

Our entrepreneurial roots take their background from the market segment of innovative IT providers. The demands on today's IT service providers exceed conventional expectations.

For instance, the expectation of the partner to implement flexible solutions with the existing techniques on the basis of scalable systems in the company comes to the fore. In this context, much value is placed on technical expertise as well as on experience.
In addition, the demand for training, education and workshops is continuously increasing. Knowledge transfer sustainably increases productivity and efficiency in dealing with the systems and programmes.

In addition to the hardware and software-based solutions
the security aspect is also a decisive factor for the
the evaluation of digital infrastructures. Information and results must not only be constantly available, but also protected against data loss (e.g. due to hardware failure) or digital attacks.


You can contact us with all your questions about hardware/software, network, infrastructure, connection, VPN, etc. and receive competent support.


For many years, webalytics has had the products of the manufacturers Hewlett-Packard, Kyocera, Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe and others in its programme. It has been for good reason as the past and current developments in the IT market show.


The employees of webalytics are all certified several times for the products of the manufacturers, so that tasks, support requests and projects can be completed in an effective and efficient manner.

Products & Manufacturers (Excerpt)

With the portfolios of the various manufacturers, all the customer requirements can be met on the hardware and software side: Laptop, workstation, printer, scanner, server, network infrastructure, warranty extension, cloud – all these areas are served exclusively by manufacturers who harmonise perfectly with each other. Exactly these possibilities were the motivation at the time to have our employees certified for the products in order to obtain different certifications.


Adobe applications are among the indispensable tools for creation and design. It is impossible to imagine the PC and Apple world without this established standard. The Portable Document Format (PDF) has proven itself over decades as an exchange format for documents and print templates and, with its cross-platform support, is accepted and used worldwide.


The market leader in networking, as far as (patch) wireless networks are concerned. The dLAN technology allows the network to be wired via power, antenna, telephone or 2-wire lines. This makes it possible to make excellent use of existing infrastructures.

In most buildings where retrofitting network cabling would be expensive, there are already power, coaxial or 2-wire lines that can be used for the network infrastructure with devolo products. This allows us to establish a stable network connection via the power socket, the TV aerial cable or the telephone or bell wires.


Products from GFI have been part of the webalytics portfolio since the turn of the millennium. The variety of functionality paired with security aspects covers exactly the customer needs that we often lack with other manufacturers.


We have had the powerful products of the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard in our range since 1998. It was for good reason, as past and current developments in the IT market has shown.

With this manufacturer's portfolio, we can meet all our customers' hardware requirements:
Laptop, workstation, printer, scanner, server, network infrastructure, warranty extension, cloud.


The first computers delivered by webalytics were based on Microsoft Windows NT as early as 1995, a stable operating system with a graphical user interface that has undergone rapid development and become a quasi-standard. But the servers and applications based on it for the most diverse requirements complete the portfolio and ensure more efficiency and productivity at the workplace.


When Symantec released the product "Norton Antivirus 7.5 Corporate Edition" in 2001, webalytics applied for the partnership with the software manufacturer.

It was the right decision, as it turned out in the course of time, because Symantec continuously expanded its product range and has thus developed into a market leader in the field of "security".


Veeam Software, the VMware Technology Alliance Premier Partner and a member of the VMware Ready Management programme, offers innovative backup and monitoring products for VMware vSphere 5 and VMware Infrastructure 4.


With VMware, you can utilise your IT resources much more efficiently by virtualising different systems. Individual virtual machines remain isolated from all others, so no potential conflicts may arise.

  • Build an infrastructure with the most reliable virtualisation platform.
  • Run even your most business-critical, resource-intensive applications with complete ease.
  • Reduce capital and operating costs to achieve the lowest TCO.