We operate a large number of servers for our customers in the TÜV-certified data centre in Frankfurt/Main. These serve different purposes depending on requirements. As a specialised hosting provider for the content management system (CMS) WordPress, we also offer web space for other static HTML pages as well as other content management systems.

As a specialised provider of web hosting for content management systems and root servers in Germany, webalytics operates its own data centre in Europe's main internet hub, Frankfurt/Main. The high-performance data centre is divided into several logical and independent units and is ideally suited for business-critical and high-availability solutions. The following solutions ensure smooth operation:

  • State-of-the-art power and air-conditioning technology
  • Highly reliable air condition and cooling systems
  • Early fire detection and extinguishing systems
  • Camera monitoring with motion-detection recording
  • Fail-safe power supply through redundant UPS systems with battery buffering and diesel generators
  • Secure access control systems
  • Stand-by personnel (24 x 7)
  • Certified administrators
  • Data protection compliance

webalytics has its origins in the system house environment; since 1995, webalytics has been certified several times and ensures a consistently high level of expertise in the network and hosting areas through the continuous training and further education of its employees. The administrators are trained, certified and authorised for the respective hardware (server, SAN, storage, router, switches, backup systems, etc.) and software (operating system, web server, applications, virtualization etc.).

Internet Connection 

webalytics operates its own data centre in Frankfurt/Main (the main internet hub in Europe) and maintains an average of more than 800 servers there for its customers. These serve different purposes - depending on customer requirements.


On each managed server, root server or web server, the corresponding database servers are operated directly, which means that there are no latencies in the delivery of your websites (as is the case with other mass hosts).


The standards also include security measures such as data backup, data security, air-conditioning, uninterruptible power supplies, firewalls, monitoring etc.


Only HP servers are used in the data centre. On request, your website or managed server can also be hosted in the failover environment, so that there is no downtime in the event of a fault.

Data Protection 

The access controls ensure that your data is kept in compliance with data protection regulations and protected from unauthorised access.


The company's many years of existence (since 1991), the associated experience in the IT and server environment, as well as the various personal and company-related certifications that have existed since 1999, establish the competencies

Our Data Centre

Certified Security 

Since 2011, this has been subjected to an elaborate testing and certification processes by TÜViT GmbH every two years. TÜViT is a TÜV Nord certification body specialising in IT security and IT quality.

The potential hazards of the environment are determined, the structural conditions such as rooms and fire compartments are evaluated and the fire alarm and extinguishing technology is assessed. The access control systems, energy supply and the systems responsible for cooling and exhaust air are also part of the inspections. The documentation of the infrastructure, the emergency and safety concept, the site plans, the fire protection concept coordinated with the fire brigade and much more is evaluated.

If all the criteria are met, a certificate is issued which entitles the user to use the TÜV seal. This certification proves the professional construction and operation of the data centre.

Air Conditioning

All server rooms are fully air-conditioned by energy-efficient cooling systems. Redundant climate control and cooling systems ensure an average room temperature of approximately 22° Celsius and a regular, complete exchange of air.

Energy Supply 

The entire energy consumption of the data centre is supplied and secured with a completely fail-safe power supply. In case of undervoltage or even power failure, the first seconds are bridged by the redundant UPS systems. The diesel generator, which is always on standby, takes over the complete power supply after only a few seconds of power failure. The tank supply is designed for several days of autonomous bridging and can also be refuelled during operation.

Admission Control & Burglary Protection

Access to the building is manned by security guards around the clock and admission is secured. Only webalytics employees have access. Technicians from external companies who need to carry out maintenance work on UPS or air conditioning systems, for example, are only allowed to enter the data centre when accompanied by an employee. In addition, the data centre rooms also have a two-stage access control system – biometric (fingerprint) or number code and RFID chip. Furthermore, the individual 19-inch cabinets are secured with keys and all rooms are secured by camera surveillance and motion-detection recording.

Fire Protection

The early fire detection and extinguishing systems were planned in cooperation with the responsible authorities and the fire brigade. This results in optimal safety in terms of fire protection. All rooms are equipped with highly sensitive fire detectors, which are connected to the central fire monitoring system. Only CO2 extinguishing equipment is available for extinguishing fires, which avoids unnecessary collateral damage in the event of a fire.

The sensitivity of the VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) smoke suction and early fire detection systems used in the data centre is around 500 times higher than that of conventional smoke detectors. Furthermore, several separate fire compartments, some of which are even equipped with a gas extinguishing system, ensure the best possible fire protection.

Connection and Infrastructure

With an nx10 gigabit ring, the data centre is connected to other important data centres within Frankfurt. The redundant ring structure ensures a failsafe connection to DE-CIX, Germany's largest internet exchange point, and many other national and international network operators.

General Technical and Organisational Measures


Unauthorised admission to the premises is prevented by the following measures:

  • Plant security, gatekeepers
  • Access control system using chip (RFID) and biometric access control using fingerprint scanner
  • Key required to open the server cabinet

Unauthorised Intrusion

The intrusion of unauthorised persons into the system is prevented by the following measures:

  • Authentication of the user by entering user name and password
  • Mandatory password length of at least eight characters
  • Transmission of user name and password via an encrypted connection (SSH, SSL via self-signed or official CA)

Access Control

Access control takes place exclusively via the authentication of the user.


The processing results are backed up daily. The encrypted data backup file is stored on the storage medium in the data centre on site and on a remote storage medium at webalytics' headquarters.

The system, which processes the data that is the subject of the order, is equipped with redundant hard disks and is protected by an integrated firewall. In addition, the data centre is protected against power failure by means of a UPS and diesel generator.


The services of the data centre are made available to several different clients at the same time, which also means that different databases are kept. The multi-client capability of the systems in combination with the access data for each user ensures that the databases are stored separately from each other and cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.